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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned that the globalists are prepared to strangle the country because of its refusal to join the new world order, Belarus will become the latest target of the uprising “Arab spring”, as NATO forces prepare to surround Russia and China.

Lukashenko said on Thursday that Western countries are preparing a direct intervention in the affairs of his country and trying to “strangle the country with a bow,” reported RIA Novosti. “The threats were primarily political, not recognizing the presidential elections and ban the entry (in Europe) and economic sanctions. Then followed an instruction from the external market turbulence on our currency and dances from the bones, after the explosion of the Oktyabrskaya metro station, “Lukashenko said in the parliament and its people.

Highlighting how the power elite means any country that refuses to sacrifice its own sovereignty as a “pariah state”, Lukashenko spoke about how the elite, “He wants to force us to be like everyone else, as they in Finally. We are like a bone in their throats. ”

“If they try to weaken us to put our knees, at least we will survive. We fight for our plot of land, “he added.


The proof is now clear, the wave of revolutions that began sweeping the globe in Tunisia earlier this year was completely diverted globalist interests and is used to clean the few remaining “pariah states”, countries like Belarus, who steadfastly refused become vassal states of the globalist elite. That is why Lukashenko is trying desperately to avoid the country to be plundered by his neo-colonialists who are preparing to throw a geopolitical coup to swallow every state still remained impregnable to the list of New World Order .


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