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DAMASCUS, (SANA) – As Russia and china vetoed a draft resolution against Syria at the UN Security Council, the Israeli Ambassador to the UNSC, Ron Froshawr, strongly condemned the veto talking about citizens being killed in Syria without knowing how they were being killed and by whom.

He ignored millions of Palestinians who were killed and made homeless by the gangs of Zionism and the prisoners who face death everyday at the occupation jails.

He was not ashamed to consider in a statement to Ha’aretz newspaper the result of the UNSC voting on an EU draft resolution against Syria as “a testimony of an impoverished UNSC in general and Russia and China in particular”.


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Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi’s recent message:

“Bani Walid, Sirte, Warshfana and Nawhi, those four tribes are very well armed and they will never be defeated; those honourable people can’t be enslaved. All the people in Libya, all true Libyans will never surrender to the invaders and the colonizers.

We will fight for our freedom and we are willing to sacrifice more. The traitors and colonizers and NATO will be destroyed soon. They already no longer trust each other and they don’t trust their leaders; the traitors are unable to continue because they are divided and their basis is weak.

The NTC has no legitimacy because it hasn’t been nominated or appointed by the people. How did it get its legitimacy? Did the Libyan people elect them? Did the Libyan people appoint them?

If only the power of (NATO) fleets give legitimacy, then let the rulers in the Third World be ready for a (NATO) invasion too. To those who recognize the National Transitional Council: be ready for the creation of transitional councils imposed by the power of (NATO) fleets to replace you one by one from now on.

I call on all Libyan people to go out and march in their millions in every square, in every city, in every village, in every. Go peacefully and go with pride. Be courageous, rise up, go forth! Forward! Go to the streets and raise our Green Flag to the skies.

Even if there comes a time when you don’t hear my voice anymore, don’t stop fighting. Don’t panic. Don’t give up. Keep fighting for your freedom till victory arrives!”

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Concert for Justice!

Havana, Cuba

On Monday, October 10, Cuba will celebrate the 143rd anniversary of the beginning of its independence struggles.

The Culture Ministry, the Cuban Music Institute and the National Council of Performing Arts are preparing a Concert for Justice for the occasion, which will be dedicated to the Cuban victims of terrorism and to the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unfairly incarcerated in the US. The concert will be held at 8:30 p.m. at Havana’s Mella Theater, the Granma newspaper reported on Friday.


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