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American Front is not the Policeman’s Benevolence Association.


American Front is a Revolutionary Movement.

One of our Movement’s long standing policies is to not work with current or former law enforcement agents (this includes corrections officers, etc.).

Seems like an appropriate time to mention this stance as bourgeoisie elements in the Occupy Movement argue that Police are part of the 99% (potential allies) and “victims” of the 1% (remember to mention this solidarity you feel with them when they tear gas you and beat you with night sticks ).

Also Seems like an appropriate time to mention this stance as reactionary right-wing groups are being exposed by our Movement for having “ex” (?) law-enforcement elements both in their rank and file and in their leadership (stay tuned to Widerstand for details.)

To be clear: If this non-negotiable part of our program bothers anyone in our circles, please do us  a favor – piss off – and enjoy your time rolling in mud with the System’s pigs. 

Before you go to jail or the hospital at their hands.

American Front RCC

From a Occupy blog that gets it:

“At the march on Bank of America last week, which started from the occupation at Grand Circus Park and moved through downtown Detroit on a bright crisp fall day, we found ourselves astonished. Not at the 500 plus persons filling the normally deserted streets, not at the palpable joy in the air (the joy of realizing that we were no longer alone in trials and fears in this age of austerity, and the joy of finding a long-longed for family, filled with true care and love). Rather it was one moment, brief, and in the context of the brilliant and massive amount of organizational work that has occurred in the last two weeks perhaps easily overlooked: at one point in the march the police decided to intervene, to test us, and tried to force the march onto the sidewalk. They shouted threateningly, their cars darted at marchers, they revved their engines menacingly, but at the front of the march a man, holding his young infant daughter faced the police and refused to leave the street. He refused. He would not be moved. And in the face of his resolve the police relented, and the march followed him, shouting, singing, laughing in the streets.

His eloquent gesture said two things: this space is occupied and it is ours. If our movement is to become worthy of the name, we will have to learn two lessons. First, to be against outrage and the exceptionalism that it entails. From the state and the cops, we expect nothing but what they have already shown us: tear gas, rubber bullets, armored vehicles, all the technologies of foreign wars come home. And second, that occupy means to take and to hold space; that first we take a park, then the street, then the schools, then the banks, until what was built by all of us truly belongs to all, no gods, no masters.

Solidarity with Occupy Oakland!”


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Not everyone is being quiet about the Capitalist death corporations hustling poison to the People.

Some recent examples of  Street Artist Resistance to the Globalist Fast Food criminals!

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In the Name of Western Democracy



Twisted tales from history Lately been convincing me Systematic land grabs And war’s creating misery 48, 56, 67, 73 Destruction in the name of Western Democracy

Holy land, that’s the deed That fuels this racist war machine While the Western press slams Iran For acting so religiously Hyporcrisy, that’s what I see Occupation propped by bigotry Ignorance towards arab lands That dictates which facts we see

Twisted tales from history Lately been convincing me Systematic land grabs And war’s creating misery The British Mandate, Mossedegh The Hashemite monarchy Destruction in the name of Western Democracy

Phillistinee children spread all over the region The survivors of al-Nakba, uprooted and imprisoned Groves of ancient olive trees plowed over in a moment Refugees piling in to Lebanon and Jordan And Iraq, who ain’t forgot about the Ameriyya massacre Or the highway of death, that summarized the last war Soldiers flying from Kuwait in Bush’s helicopters Firing missiles into soldiers surrendering in Basra

Twisted tales from history Lately been convincing me Systematic land grabs And war’s creating misery Covert bombings aimed at Nasser Small Pox sold to Saddam Hussein Destruction in the name of Western Democracy

The modern feats of medicine Ascribed to wealthy British men We’re the works of Arab doctors And Persian mathematicians Algebra, the 1, 2, 3s The science and Astronomy Education as the basis of real democracy

I don’t care or you’re a Muslim or Jew I care about what you do You take my land, blockade my ports I’ll fire missiles at you too And that’s not to say I’d like to live this way No one wants to see their people dying everyday Or having to bomb the border wall just to get medicine Digging tunnels into Egypt to smuggle food and water in Sewage spilling out into the blue shores of Palestine The culture, the land, the people, a slow and brutal genocide

Holy land, that’s the deed That fuels this little war machine The justifies apartheid To benefit Israelis Hypocrisy, that’s what I see We’re blinded by this bigotry Ignorance towards Islam That dictates which facts we see!

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Jews against Zionism

True Judaism rejects Zionism and the state of “Israel”

From True Torah Jews:

Sep 27, 2011

“Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech at the UN. The international organization “True Torah Jews” fears that people may be misled on certain points.

Ever since Jews were sent into exile by Heavenly decree, the Jewish people have never sought to establish sovereignty. Jews have waited patiently for the day of redemption when there will be peace among humanity.

Netanyahu quotes the Torah to support his argument that the Holy Land should be a Jewish state. This is simply propaganda, how can someone quote the Torah in support of an ideology whose very essence is forbidden by the Torah?

The State of Israel denies the fundamental Jewish belief in Heavenly redemption and replaces the Torah with nationalism. The State of Israel cannot – and should not – claim to represent worldwide Jewry, nor should it be identified as a Jewish State.

The blurring of the boundary between the Jewish people and the State of Israel jeopardizes the safety of Jews living all over the world including the Holy Land.”

 Learn more at True Torah Jews.

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Beyond Left-Right & for Neighborhood Anarchism: from Troy Southgate to Ron Paul, from Subcomandante Marcos to Alain de Benoist…

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