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Václav Havel: The “Inner Enemy”

An inner enemy is more dangerous than an outer one, because while he seems to belong, he is actually a kind of alien. An inner enemy is dangerous in two respects: first because of his own activity, and second, because of his usefulness to the outer enemy. . . . After the War, the American occupation of Europe and the despoliation of Europe were made possible only by the Michel-stratum, which hired itself out to the enemy to establish vassal-governments, churchill-regimes, in every province of Europe. During this period between the Second and Third World Wars, the Michel as an American agent is more dangerous than he would otherwise be himself. The reason for this is the advance of History since the 19th century has rendered his whole world-outlook completely useless to him, even for purposes of sabotage, while to the Americans it is still useful as a means of control over Europe. Thus the Culture-diseases of Culture-retardation remains in the body of Europe only because of the American occupation. — Francis Parker Yockey

Václav Havel, the last president of Czechoslovakia and first president of the Czech Republic, died on December 18, 2011. His eulogies reveal him to be an excellent specimen for the study of the role of the “inner enemy” in the process of cultural pathology. In Havel we have a particularly devolved example of the Michel element that worked for the spiritual, political, cultural, and economic subjugation of the Western Cultural organism by the forces of cultural parasitism, distortion, and retardation. Indeed, the cultural pathologist can place him in the genus michelus along with such contemporaries such as Boris Yeltsin, Lech Wałęsa, and Mikhail Gorbachev.

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Recent Statement signed by over 20 Workers Parties and endorsed by the Green Star:

“Solidarity with the working people of Greece, with PAME, and with KKE

For more than a year the Greek people, the workers and youth, members of the trade union front PAME and the Communist Party of Greece have said NO to the measures that the Greek government authorities are willing to impose on them. They are completely opposed to the fact that the bourgeois class in Greece, its governments, with the support of the EU, the IMF and the ECB, attack the people in order to bankrupt the people under the conditions of the crisis and increase the immense profits of the big financial and industrial capital.

The Greek people, the workers and youth, PAME and the Communist Party of Greece need all our solidarity. Their struggles can give us precious experience.

Greece itself is a rich country. However, the wealth is concentrated in even fewer hands. Indeed, unacceptable measures are taken against the working people. What happens now in Greece will be extended to all countries of the European Union.

In all of Europe the question is being raised: Who has to pay for the crisis of capitalism?

All European bourgeois parties – Social Democrats, Liberals, Christian Social, Conservative and Greens – are united in supporting their colleagues in Greece and the infamous measures of the EU bodies.

The governments and the European Commission are about to intensify the measures against the peoples: a general lowering of wages, generalisation of insecure working condition, a witch-hunt against all people receiving social welfare benefits…

Altogether this means the pillage of the world of workers by the world of capital.

In Greece, the workers, the youth, the ordinary people say NO. They are building a resistance that is exemplary for all Europe.

Solidarity with this resistance is our duty.

Everyone should know: today they attack the Greek working people, tomorrow it will be the turn of the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Italian people – and the day after tomorrow they attack all of us.

We are all Greeks!

Support the struggle against the shifting of the burdens of the crisis onto the shoulders of the working people!

Down with capitalism! For a socialist society!

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Capitalist propaganda machine Fox News tries to portray Greek Riots as Russian unrest!

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Caracas,  AVN.- The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, replied to statements said by his counterpart from the United States, Barack Obama, who criticized the sovereign relationship between Venezuela and Cuba, among others.

Chavez asked Obama to take care of poor people in his own country, who since the arrival of winter have endured cuts in social assistance to pay for in home heating.

“Obama is a total fraud. He cut social assistance for home heating oil for the poor,” Chavez said during a cabinet meeting at the Miraflores Presidential Palace.

Given that situation, President Chavez said he had held a conversation with Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez so as to increase the support of Venezuela’s CITGO to poor people who endure temperatures below zero during the winter in the United States.

According to Chavez, Obama is just looking for votes by criticising others and Chavez called on him to work with “the good people” of the United States.

“Obama is just about to lose the elections and with these criticisms [of Venezuela] he just wants to win some votes. You are a fraud, a total fraud. If I could be a candidate in the United States, I would beat you. I would win 80-20, I would beat you with [the votes] of all the good people you have there,” Chavez said.

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FARC to CELAC: A Message


FARC-EP, a political organization with a military wing, which controls half of Columbia sends this message Straight from the Mountains to the The Summit of Caribbean and Latin American States (CELAC)…

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

The important meeting you are celebrating, with the purpose of giving birth to a formal Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, constitutes an important event.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army, FARC-EP, salute you, expressing our desire that this initiative becomes the starting point of an effort which guides the Latin American and Caribbean nations towards unity taking into account the fundamental Bolivarian aspects and ideals.

Severe contingencies threaten today not only the future of our continent living in suffering, but the entire planet and mankind as a whole. Mother Earth claims for urgent action to stop the environmental disaster, blowing winds of nuclear war, the world economy is stagnating and old interests, in their sole benefit, impose the burden on the people to save themselves.

Here is the significant meaning of the Latin American and Caribbean unity, taking together a path towards the new world that the Old Continent and the North American Empire always vetoed and did not allow us to have. We take this opportunity to express our deep concern for peace in Colombia, which is the peace of the Continent.

The characteristic trait of its persistent ruling class has been a strange and atavistic inclination to solve social and economic conflicts through violent levies. None of the long and cruel dictatorships in the past which certain nations brought to this hemisphere in the past, created such appalling numbers of victims as were generated by the Colombian regime in recent decades.

This explains the dimensions of the current armed conflict in Colombia whose conclusion seems to be indefinitely prorogated in time. Peace will never be the result of humiliating surrenders which contribute even more towards those responsible for this national tragedy holding on to power, and we shall never exchange anything which allows things to remain as they are.

A dialogue with full guarantees, facing the country, the continent and the world, with popular participation, that models an institutional and political recomposition, which opens the floodgates to the profound democratic reforms, is the formula that we have repeatedly proposed that FARC aspires to and hopes to become a reality very soon.

Recent events, contrary to the rumoiurs whispered in the side-wings, reveal that the Establishment in Colombia has a zero desire to consider our position. Instead of engaging with us, they insist in their perfidious accusation of us being drug traffickers and terrorists, an excuse that guarantees the unconditional U.S. support, in addition translated into a growing military and political interference, very convenient to the strategic interests of domination of continental and world power.

In the words of President Santos, if we do not surrender, what awaits us is the prison or the tomb. His offer of rewards in millions of dollars for the heads of the guerrilla commanders, recalls the uses of European Crowns against rebellious Indians and black slaves.

We do not believe they dared to think that in these new times that are born in Latin America and the Caribbean, the people would celebrate as a great victory a political solution in Colombia.

Our patriotic and Bolivarian embrace to this truly New World that shouts Enough! and intends to walk on without anyone being able to stop this gigantic March of Peoples.

Central Secretariat of the Staff of FARC-EP

Mountains of Colombia, December 12, 2011

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hinted that the U.S. may be behind a “very strange” bout of cancer affecting several leaders aligned with him in South America. Chavez, speaking a day after Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, said the Central Intelligence Agency was behind chemical experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s and that it’s possible that in years to come a plot will be uncovered that shows the U.S. spread cancer as a political weapon against its critics.

“It’s very difficult to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some of us in Latin America,” Chavez said in a nationally televised speech to the military. “Would it be so strange that they’ve invented technology to spread cancer and we won’t know about it for 50 years?”

Chavez, who was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer in June and had a baseball-sized tumor removed in Cuba, has called for a regional summit of leaders who have battled cancer including Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva and Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo.

“I’m just sharing my thoughts, but it’s very, very, very strange,” Chavez said. “Evo take care of yourself, Correa, be careful, we just don’t know,” he said, referring to Evo Morales and Rafael Correa, the leaders of Bolivia and Ecuador.


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Canadians reject Harper’s interventionism!

Canada’s military personnel may see themselves as warriors, but the public seems keen for them to concentrate on duties at home, with disaster relief and search and rescue being the top two priority missions, the country’s generals have been told […]

Those polled were given a selection of priorities to rank. Disaster relief in Canadian communities was selected at the top priority mission by 73 per cent of those polled. That was followed by search and rescue, selected by 68 per cent, and patrolling Canada’s air space, land and maritime areas by 66 per cent. Enforcing sovereignty in the Arctic was selected by 52 per cent, while fighting the war on terror came last at 51 per cent.

It found that respondents, while nostalgic for having a military as peacekeepers, seemed more ready to describe the Canadian Forces as “fighters.” “That being said, there is evidence that Canadians may be growing fatigued of international involvement, and are ready to see their Canadian Forces spending more time in Canada” […] That poll, which was conducted in March, also found that fewer Canadians are interested in troops remaining in Afghanistan, seeing the mission as “no longer worth it.”


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