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Hormuz Hypocrisy

As 2011 drew to a close, the political sabre-rattling between the U.S. and Iran continued to intensify.  This most recent increase in tensions comes as a result of the Americans pressuring for sanctions against Iran’s oil industry, and the Tehran regime in turn threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz to all oil tankers. Such a move by Iran would halt the flow of about one-sixth of the world’s oil supply […]

It is worth noting that the Iranian threat, based on outboard-powered open boats, is only feasible because the boats would be operating from their home ports, in their own territorial waters.

Given the circumstances behind this current crisis and the vast discrepancy in military capability between the two potential belligerents, it is astounding that Iran is still being portrayed in the western media as the evil instigator.

The U.S., by pressing for additional sanctions against Iran’s oil exports, is like a powerful giant threatening to step on its opponent’s throat. In turn, the virtually toothless Iran claims it will bite the toe of the giant’s foot should that threat be acted upon.



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With the train of civilisation hurtling at ever-increasing speed towards self-destruction, the most pressing question facing humanity in the 21st century is that of the preservation of life itself. Can Life Prevail?, the latest book by Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola, provides a radical yet firmly grounded perspective on the ecological problems threatening both the biosphere and human culture. With essays covering topics as diverse as animal rights, extinction, deforestation, terrorism and overpopulation, Can Life Prevail? for the first time makes the lucid, challenging writing of Linkola available to an English-speaking public.

“By decimating its woodlands, Finland has created the grounds for prosperity. We can now thank prosperity for bringing us – among other things – two million cars, millions of glaring, grey-black electronic entertainment boxes, and many unnecessary buildings to cover the green earth. Wealth and surplus money have led to financial gambling and rampant social injustice, whereby ‘the common people’ end up contributing to the construction of golf courses, classy hotels, and holiday resorts, while fattening Swiss bank accounts. Besides, the people of wealthy countries are the most frustrated, unemployed, unhappy, suicidal, sedentary, worthless and aimless people in history. What a miserable exchange.” – Pentti Linkola

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Occupy Wall Street, with its message that Wall Street is something approaching a criminal enterprise, was among the freshest and most intriguing political developments of 2011 […] But make no mistake. While OWS might be disappearing from America’s parks and civic squares, the anger it tapped into is still there, and just as powerful.

“Wall Street,” and, yes, “capitalism” have actually become dirty words in broad swaths of America. When you consider how this country was built and what it stands for in the world, that amounts to secular apostasy […]

But it is increasingly clear that conservatives can no longer rely on an unquestioning, bedrock faith in capitalism. Unshackling free enterprise has been a core value of the Republican Party for more than a century. Its leadership candidates, like Mitt Romney, are still declaring that “people achieve success through hard work, education, risk taking.”

The problem is, too many Americans now not only want to see some of Wall Street’s capitalists shackled, but serving hard time.


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