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No Peace without Quiet! Down with the imperialistic war machine! 

A grass-roots effort launched by a group of neighbors around the Boise Airport is gaining steam; they’re determined to have the Air Force keep Boise from ever being considered for the F-35. An urban environment is no place for a fast and booming fighter jet, they say.

The group’s leader, engineer Monty Mericle, says his group worries it will ultimately have to file a lawsuit to block the F-35s out of fears over deafening jet engines flying over dinner tables, bedrooms and children’s classrooms.

“Nothing in this world is harder to kill than a defense project,” Mericle said.

His group, Saveourvalleynow.org, is working with similar groups in other states that also don’t want the noisy F-35 near their backyards.



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Bo Muller-Moore is a colorful Vermont activist who believes in “eating locally, supporting local farmers, bakers, farmers’ markets, farm stands, CSA’s, community gardens and restaurants, sustainable lifestyles, social commentary and community.” He’s also in a veritable David fighting the corporate fast food Goliath, Chick-fil-A. Is Bo America’s answer to José Bové? We hope so…

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Left-wing environmentalists and right-wing Tea Party activists unite against TransCanada Corporation!

Despite not having an approved permit to construct its proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, TransCanada is moving forward in development along the southern leg. The company is seizing private property for pipeline development, claiming eminent domain, and are drawing controversy from landowners in Texas as well as environmentalists.

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The leader of the International Eurasian Movement, Prof. Aleksandr Dugin, a professor at Moscow State University, has argued that Western colonialism seeks to destabilize the sovereignty of all countries in the developing world. This, in his opinion, applies not only to Syria, but also for Iran, which will be the second country to fall victim to this attempt, followed by Russia.
In an interview with Syrian television, Dugin has said that Russia and its people have a duty to support Syria, as well as to accommodate the wishes of the Syrian people and their desire to preserve freedom and democracy. In addition to defending Syria, and to advise the Syrians to solve their internal problems by themselves without foreign intervention, Russia is also pursuing its strategic interests.
Russia respects the will of the peoples of the planet and the right to self-determination of peoples, convinced that every State has the right to develop its political system, says Dugin. If the model of liberal democracy seems to be suitable for the West, does not mean that it is also suitable for other countries. Western countries, led by the United States, are not interested in the triumph of democracy and human rights in the Middle East, but only to establish its hegemony and to secure the appropriation of their natural resources through the dissemination of so-called “constructive chaos”.
Dugin emphasized that the West supports Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where there is no constitutional democracy let alone human rights, only for the fact that these states are shown obedient to the United States. If part of the country is opposed to the U.S. and it also shows just reluctant to incensarne political bodies, these states are threatened militarily, even before the occupation, as was the case years ago in Iraq. Saudi Arabia, which rallies and fund terrorists to fulfill the wishes of the West, wants to destroy the key role of Syria in the Middle East.
Dugin has said that Russia has refused to take part in the conference in Tunis of the so-called “friends of Syria,” because its members are only a crowd of lackeys of the West, not friends but real enemies of Syria. Based on the results of this meeting, he added, the main goal was to foment discord in the Syrian society and create a precedent that might artificially interfere in the internal affairs of the country. That is why Russia and China have refused to participate, said the analyst.
He noted that in today’s world the true revolutionary actions are certainly not ones that pave the way to the United States, but those that block and concrete constrastano imperialist hegemony and any kind of Western intervention in the internal affairs of other sovereign states.
Dugin has confirmed that Russia has supported the Syrian leadership, because it expresses the will of the majority of Syrian people, adding that a referendum on a new draft constitution is a crucial step in implementing the reform program.


Any errors in translation solely rest with the Green Star.

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