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The GS of the CC of the KKE spoke at a large rally of the party in Syntagma Sq., outside the Parliament, Tuesday the 20th of March, when the bourgeois parties inside the parliament approved the country’s new loan agreement, through which the coalition of government of social-democratic PASOK and liberal ND and the Troika seek to chain the people for the next 30 years.

Similar rallies of the KKE, which in their majority were transformed into mass marches, took place in the capitals of all the regions and other cities in the country. Thousands of people of toil took part in them-workers, self-employed, women, and young people. With slogans such as: “No to the Loan Agreement- We will not live in chains!” “We do not consent, we do not retreat” “Onward workers, now as one fist, tear down the memoranda and the bosses!”

It should be noted that the election period has already begun in Greece despite the fact that the official date for the elections has not yet been announced but has been fixed for the 19/4 or at some point in the first two weeks of May.

In Athens, the GS of the CC, Aleka Papariga underlined in her speech “that the conflict is total. Two strategies are coming into conflict: On the one hand the strategy of capital’s interests and on the other the one which represents the interests of the working class and the poor self-employed in the cities and countryside(…) What will make the difference in this election battle will be the vote the KKE receives. Because only in this way will a real people’s message be conveyed that will intimidate the terrorists of reaction and those ready to compromise at the right moment. (…)

The Papademos government and the partners ND and PASOK have undertaken the obligation, until the elections are held, to work hard for the implementation of the many new barbaric measures which have been taken and to take new ones.

Regarding the question “the EU or chaos” we respond that: you are bringing chaos, we have the strength to teach you a serious lesson at the ballot box and chiefly so that the count down begins for our liberation from every form of capitalist exploitation and imperialist tie.”

Regarding the Loan Agreement the GS of the CC of the KKE mentioned that “It constitutes, together with the PSI, the old and new memoranda is the first act of a multi-act tragedy, which to begin with will last until 2042, in the framework of which a long term offensive will escalate, month by month, quarter by quarter, against the popular social forces, the workers, the poor popular strata of the city and countryside. A united offensive, a united response and counterattack, one for all, and all for one.”

Regarding the renegotiation of the debt and the measures which have been taken, something which all the bourgeois and opportunist parties regurgitate, Aleka Papariga posed the question: How will they combine the improvement of the workers’ lives with the observance of what has been agreed? And she added: “Of course they are not negotiating for the good of the workers. They are negotiating sometimes in a more exacting way and sometimes less so for the interests of one or other section of capital, according to whether this section is strong and expand into the international markets. Such negotiations will be carried out by the leaders of the bourgeois and opportunist parties. Let’s say that they possess this ability to negotiate despite the fact that they will achieve nothing despite their negotiation abilities

Competitiveness means a race over which country is the champion in taking anti-worker measures. Competitiveness is nothing other than a race which will deepen unevenness. In any case, they are talking more and more about the countries of the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Northern and Southern Europe. It is not a question of geography but a question of class.

What do the supporters of the EU say about the nonsense they had been peddling to the people for years? What do all those who spoke of convergence, social solidarity, stable development and prosperity say to them? Indeed certain left-wingers find it convenient to explain unevenness and uneven relationships in moral terms, without political and class references. Because it is convenient for them to mock the people in this way that there is a solution inside the system, that there can exist both a humane form of capitalism and a barbaric one. Also certain people exclusively attack the Troika because it deprives us of national sovereignty, as if the Troika arrived on its own, as if it is above the EU, IMF and ECB. The signing of the Maastricht Treaty and the statement that we will remain in the EU whatever happens legitimises the Troika (…) The accession to the imperialist EU, the EU of the capitalist states, means the acceptance of unevenness, of the sharpest competition inside the predatory alliance, as well as the decisions which on each occasion the strongest capitalist countries in the imperialist chain inside and outside the EU make”.This was noted amongst other things by the GS of the CC of the KKE.

A. Papariga in conclusion stated that: “We do not conceal from the people that neither a better defence nor a better attack are sufficient. The struggle must be waged until its end, until working class-people’s power, disengagement from the EU with socialisation, planning at a national level, working class-people’s control and a unilateral cancellation of the debt. Of course no one is voting for working class power at the ballot box, consequently full agreement is not necessary, however the people must vote to gather together strength, experience and courage in order to impede new tragedies, to fight for what belongs to them and their children.”



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