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SALUT PUBLIC is a new French monthly journal published by Serge Ayoub.

Among the collaborators:   Alexander Dugin,  Christian Bouchet, Andre Chanclu, Sebastien Derouen,  George Feltin Tracol-Pierre Hillard,  Yevgeny Ivanov, David The Sword, Claude Bourrinet , writer and investigative journalist Jean-Louis Izambert … etc …
The idea:  to provide a forum for all those who associate the ideas of nation and social justice, for all those who think that the absolute enemy is liberalism, for  all those who believe that geopolitics is a fundamental criterion of analysis, for all  who see Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez of examples and not enemies to fight.
New Resistance and the Green Star call on all our French reading friends and Comrades to show 100% support for this exciting,  radical project!   The Future is Ours!
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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the exemplary victory of the Venezuelan people against a brazen coup attempt,  Granma offers readers the epilogue of a newly published book about the events of April, 2002, entitled Abril sin censura (April uncensored), by Germán Sánchez Otero, Cuban ambassador to Venezuela at the time. The book was launched in Caracas April 12, as part of the commemoration of the historic poplar mobilization which successfully defended the Bolivarian Revolution.

Fidel’s call during the early morning hours of April 12

At 12:38 am, an aide told Chávez, “President you have a call from Commandante Fidel Castro.” Chávez immediately, anxiously, took the phone. Fidel had been trying to reach him since the afternoon of the 11th. Fidel immediately asked about the current situation and Chávez responded.

“We’re here entrenched in the Palace,” he began, “We’ve lost the military forces that could be decisive. They cut our television signal. I am without forces to move and analyze the situation.”

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