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C9M: Committee of May 9


by 3eme Voie Normandy

(any translation errors solely the  fault of the Green Star)

May 7, 1994, during a demonstration against U.S. imperialism organized by the GUD and JNR, one of our comrades died.  Sebastian Deyzieu was 22 years old. Pursued by the boss’s mercenary police , he fell from the fifth floor of a building. Since then we honor his memory each year (the first Committee dated May 9, so the title remains).

When we  embraced our way, we  all were told to  expect to eventually die for our ideas. This is the rule, the destiny, the  contract of the militant. But this rule does not diminish the loss of a comrade, a young man who stood for what is right without fear.  For Sebastian was  not scum,  not a beater of old women, or worse like the numbers of “troubled youth” who we see  crying  to  the media. He was not a junkie or a parasitic bourgeoisie, as are most of the  so called “anti-fascists” who try to sully his memory each year as we gather to honor him.

Of course, for us  to have to celebrate every death, every comrade killed in action, the list would be  far too long. This is why the symbol of all our fallen is  Sebastian. He was young and had a full life before him. But the police system, the bosses attack dog, does  not take precautions when it comes to suppressing nationalists. He was stalked and murdered by the impostors who stole the republic. The republic, meant to serve the people,  transformed  into an instrument of repression.

Lest we forget. Our ideal is one of  honor, heritage, respect for our comrades and our flag. Sebastian indeed died defending a flag, our flag, a flag that the Police do not be deserve to even look upon.

Over the years C9M as a event has become more unified, encompassing more than 1000 national revolutionary activists, despite police harassment and the “antifa” protests, those ridiculous guard dogs of globalization.

So, like every year, many come, and  share this moment of brotherhood. The death of one of us should not discourage us, but strengthen our solidarity, our determination, our consciousness.  We are right, and we are free.

To the memory of Sebastian!

Against globalism

Against imperialism

For the People

For the Nation

See you Sunday, May 13, 2012, Place de la Madeleine at 9:00.

The street belongs to the person who stands his ground!


A Note From New Resistance: 

We  send our best wishes, spirit of solidarity and comradeship to our brothers of 3eme Voie and  C9M.  In 2013 we aim to fulfill our vision of  having delegates travel to Europe to stand alongside you in person –  this year our cadres and supporters will  honor Sebastien   here in America on this important day.  Our hearts  are with you! 


Freedom!  Justice!  Revolution!




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