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NGO Lies, US Government Ties, and Pu**y Riot: Who Are the Real Monsters?

Funny how easy it is to fool people — even some self-proclaimed libertarians — into full-blown interventionism with a bit of snazzy propaganda and a cause to get behind. It seems like just yesterday the entire Western world — with a few exceptions — was in a panic over the inevitable world takeover by the evil John Kony, after a US government-connected “NGO” made a preposterous video about this theretofore forgotten warlord.

Witness the uproar over the “Pussy Riot” verdict, in which several members of an extremely distasteful protest collective calling themselves a punk band — but apparently never having recorded any actual music — were found to have been in violation of the law and were sentenced to jail.

They violated the sanctuary of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow to blast a music player and chant vulgar lyrics at the faithful gathered in peaceful worship. Many Americans, apparently unaware of NDAA, drone strikes against Americans by their government, Obama’s “kill lists,” indefinite detention, PATRIOT Act, at least two active wars of aggression and several recently past and pending ones, warrantless wiretapping, and so on, have decided that a decision by the Russian courts to prosecute this invasion of a Russian church was the work of a single man, Vladimir Putin, who in so doing overshadowed in evil every item in the above list. It is a kind of mass-psychosis — or perhaps something even more sinister, as Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin points out here.

What about private property? The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was rebuilt in the 1990s after being blown up by Stalin in the early anti-church crusades of the USSR. It was reconsecrated in the year 2000 and the reconstruction was privately financed by more than one million Russian citizens. I have seen several self-confessed libertarians discount this central tenet of the philosophy on the grounds that Putin is evil and therefore any resistance is justified.

But who is pushing this Pussy Riot on us? What face is behind the propaganda? We have already seen more than a few US government ties to the organization and its supporters, including NED funding. We can see that its methods are straight out of Gene Sharp’s CIA playbook for regime change. We see that the organization’s logo is identical to those of the previous US-government funded regime change outfits.

We also see an interesting connection between the US government supported human rights NGOs and this crusade. Take Amnesty International USA, for example. Click onto their home page and you will be assaulted by image after image of Pussy Riot, begging for money to help support them, breathlessly launching campaign after campaign for the “punk band.” Just who is in charge of Amnesty International USA? As the Voltaire Network pointed out last year, this “independent” human rights organization is headed up by Suzanne Nossel, a former assistant to Richard Holbrooke in his capacity as UN Ambassador and until her appointment last year to Amnesty, Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. Before that she worked for another US government connected organization, Human Rights Watch. Getting the picture? A public-private partnership for regime change under the cover of “human rights.”

As former FBI agent Coleen Rowley points out in this important piece, organizations like Amnesty International act as a non-governmental front to push US government regime change policies.

From Rowley’s piece:

Nossel would have worked for and with Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Samantha Power and Susan Rice, and undoubtedly helped them successfully implement their “Right to Protect (R2P)” – otherwise known as “humanitarian intervention” – as well as the newly created “Atrocity Prevention Board.

She was heavily involved in the lies told to the UN Human Rights Council to agitate for the eventual UN Security Council resolution that sealed the fate of Libya under a rain of NATO bombs and total destruction.

Yet again another international campaign is launched by the Potemkin Village of  phony NGOs  who are in fact shills for the US government interventionists on the Left and the Right. Monster after monster must be created to keep the machine rolling forward. Government must join with corrupted PR firms and the NGO world to dupe the population into screaming for the head of the monster of the month.

But who are the real monsters?



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A multi-billionaire and a war criminal have become the first women admitted to Augusta National Golf Course. Hold the cheers. 

Rice and Moore are not twenty-first-century Jackie Robinsons, and their acceptance into this bastion of exclusion has nothing to do with women’s liberation and is utterly disconnected from the reality of daily life for millions of American women.

Condi Rice as a symbol of female power? Only if by power, we mean the power to put thousands of Iraqi women in graves all in the name of a war based on lies that she actively promoted.

Then there are the birth defects suffered by the children of women in Iraq. In 2009, the Guardian reported that doctors in Fallujah were were “dealing with up to 15 times as many chronic deformities in infants, compared to a year ago, and a spike in early life cancers that may be linked to toxic materials left over from the fighting.”

A hospital spokesman, Nadim al-Hadidi, told the Inter Press Service, “In 2004 the Americans tested all kinds of chemicals and explosive devices on us: thermobaric weapons, white phosphorous, depleted uranium…. we have all been laboratory mice for them.”

There were also, under Rice’s watch, 10,917 reported sexual assaults in the the US Armed Forces (the Department of Defense estimates that under 10 percent of assaults are reported). As the Guardian reported, “A female solider in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by military fire.”

In an eerie echo of the Representative Akin controversy, these women, if impregnated during their assault, could not get an abortion on a US military base. Rice, who claims to be pro-choice, never raised a voice on behalf of these women.

In a sane world, Rice would be awaiting trial at the Hague. Instead, she gets to play golf at a club that, incidentally, didn’t allow African-Americans until 1990.


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