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John Cleese loses his subversive edge…

…reduced to whoring himself in Zionist commercials.

“In this new Israeli advert for Chocolate Spread you can learn what it takes to drag America into a Kosher war.”

via Gilad Atzmon



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DR JULIUS Garvey, son of National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey, recently paid tribute to Chief Tacky.

Garvey was invited by Derrick ‘Black X’ Robinson, chairman of the Tacky Heritage Group, in collaboration with the St Mary Parish Council and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, to lay a wreath at the Tacky Monument located at the Claude Stuart Park in Port Maria, St Mary. Garvey was on his way to pay tribute to his father in St Ann. Friday, August 17 was the 125th anniversary of the birth of Marcus Garvey […]

Tacky was taken to Jamaica from Ghana, where he was a Coromantee chief. In St Mary, he was enslaved on Frontier Estate, where he was subsequently made foreman. However, he used this position to plan and influence some enslaved people on his estate and the neighbouring Trinity Estate to revolt.

On Easter Monday, 1760, Tacky and his warriors went to Port Maria, where they killed the shopkeeper of Fort Haldane and took gunpowder, muskets and cannon balls. They then went to the plantations killing white people, and by morning light hundreds more enslaved people had joined them.

When the dust had settled, it is said that about 60 whites, and 300-400 enslaved people were killed. Tacky’s fate is mired in controversy, however. Some accounts claim he was killed by a Maroon named Davy, while others say he escaped behind a waterfall, and was an inspiration for later revolts.

Garvey said it was important for individuals to pause to recognise the work of our national heroes and those like Tacky who were instrumental in the fight for freedom.

“If you don’t know your past, then you really wouldn’t know where you’re going; because your past informs your present. The present gives you the condition under which you live and you use that to get to your future,” Garvey stated […]

The Tacky flag was also unveiled. It bears the colours black for the mighty race we are, red for the blood that was shed and yellow for the vision that enlightens us.


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