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Happy Birthday President Putin!


Russian President Vladimir Putin turned 60 on Sunday.  The Green Star and New Resistance sends our warm birthday regards.


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The facade drops… 

OTTAWA — A multimillion-dollar phalanx of steel barricades is to be erected in front of Parliament Hill beginning Tuesday.

The $8.6-million project is intended to tighten perimeter security around the Hill by installing fixed and retractable bollards — short vertical posts — at the three main vehicular gates along Wellington Street.

Notice of the construction work was issued Friday to House of Commons staff by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.

Public Works was unable to provide any immediate details, though a previous departmental document says the barriers must be able to withstand “significant physical impact loads,” suggesting they are not only intended to control routine traffic but to counter vehicular attacks. The department says pedestrian access will remain unchanged.

While the parliamentary precinct is a prime target for anyone wanting to make a high-profile statement, the government’s long-term vision and plan for the area calls for an “unobtrusive” security perimeter.

The new barriers “must be designed to suit the heritage characteristics of the Parliament Buildings and avoid impeding the welcoming mood of the national historic site,” the proposal states… [Doublespeak, anyone?]


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Bolivia ruled out paying compensation to South American Silver (SAS) on Wednesday, two months after its leftist government nationalized a mine operated by the Canadian firm.

“The nation has no financial obligation to South American Silver,” Mining Minister Mario Virreira told reporters.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales expropriated the silver and indium mine managed by a local unit of SAS on Aug. 2, in a move strongly criticized by the Canadian government and foreign investors. […]

Since Mr. Morales came to power in 2006, Bolivia has moved to nationalize firms deemed strategic, and in June he raised the possibility of making all natural resource-related industries property of the state.

The decision to expropriate the Malku Khota mine came after weeks of protests at the site by indigenous leaders calling on La Paz to take it over.

The Malku Khota project boasts one of the world’s largest untapped resources of silver and indium, a rare metal used in flat-screen LCD televisions.

South American Silver had planned to invest $50-million by 2014 in the mine, which also explores deposits of gallium, a mineral used in microelectronics.


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Genovese was an interesting figure who migrated from the Marxist far left to American paleoconservatism, all the while maintaining a deep suspicion of the capitalist system and its “inherent tendency toward the concentration of capital in which the most dynamic entrepreneurs are generally the most socially destructive.”    

Eugene D. Genovese, a prizewinning historian who challenged conventional thinking on slavery in the American South by stressing its paternalism as he traveled a personal intellectual journey from Marxism to conservative Catholicism, died on Wednesday at his home in Atlanta. He was 82. […]

Mr. Genovese enthusiastically melded politics and academia even as his politics changed. A member of the Communist Party at 15, he had remained firmly on the left when, in 1965, speaking to students, he inflamed politicians by saying he would welcome a Vietcong victory in the Vietnam War.

By the 1980s, however, he had rejected Communism and liberal politics. In 1998 he helped form the Historical Society to combat what he saw as the “totalitarian assault” of political correctness and ideologically tinged research. He also came to support conservative Republicans like Pat Buchanan.

“I never gave a damn what people thought of me,” he said in an interview with The Star-Ledger of Newark in 1996. “And I still don’t.” […]

Mr. Genovese came to believe that religion should be taught in public schools, and opposed abortion on demand and special laws to protect homosexuals. He believed pornography should be banned. But Mr. Genovese did not affiliate himself with any segment of the political right. He said he felt uncomfortable around conservatives who believed that unfettered markets solve all problems.

“if somebody wants to disorder the world and give me political power,” he said, “they’ll find out how conservative I’m not.”


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Venezuela will never return to neoliberalism and will continue in the transition to Socialism of the 21st Century!

—  Hugo Chavez after his Presidential election victory was confirmed

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