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By Peter Simonenko 

The Communist Party of Ukraine expresses its condolences for the tragic loss of life during the armed clashes provoked by neo-fascists extremists on Hrushevskoho street in Kiev.

Responsibility for these deaths, for the bloodshed and violence rests in equal measure on those in power, which has brought the country to the brink, and on the leaders of the so-called opposition, the ultra-nationalist militant organizations and foreign politicians, who urge people to “radicalize the protests” and “fight to the bitter end.”

We demand that the government and leaders of the Maidan immediately remove from the streets of Kiev, Svoboda militants from across the country and other criminal elements, to stop the use of force, to ensure non-interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine by foreign powers and their representatives.

Any attempts to create parallel structures of power such as “People’s Parliament”, “interim president” and the like will only strengthen the opposition and create a real threat of escalating the conflict into Civil War. One part of the population will support the current government, and the other, the self-proclaimed opposition, which will inevitably lead to a final split of Ukraine.

The Communist Party is ready to present concrete proposals to resolve the situation.

We believe it is necessary:

1. Declare a referendum on the definition of Ukraine’s integration into foreign economic bodies.

2. To carry out political reform, eliminate the institution of the president and install a parliamentary republic, significantly expand the rights of territorial communities.

3. Adopt a new electoral law and return to a proportional system of elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine.

4. In order to overcome the administrative chaos and ensure strict control over the government and politicians, to establish an independent civilian body of  ”national control” by giving it the broadest powers.

5. Adopt judicial reform and institute elections of judges.

The Communist Party warned from the very beginning: the rejection of democratic mechanisms for solving social contradictions — the ban on a Ukrainian referendum, organized jointly by the government and the so-called opposition — could be catastrophic.

It is not too late, there can still be a peaceful solution to the political crisis. We the urge the people to condemn extremism, not to succumb to provocations, and demand constructive talks with the President, the leaders of political parties and public organizations.

The Communist Party of Ukraine declares that there is no other way to stop the escalation of violence and destruction of the country!



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The Green Star salutes the brave Serbs who marched today in Belgrade for Syria and against Globalism!

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Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros has told Australian television that the far-right party would like to resemble the Lebanon-based Islamic militant group.

Speaking to the SBS Dateline program, the lawmaker said: “Golden Dawn wants to become, and will become, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, which is in effect a second government that helps even the last of its poor citizens.”

“As time passes, Golden Dawn will do more for our fellow citizens,” he added.

Panagiotaros was speaking on May 2, when Golden Dawn was prevented from handing out food at Syntagma Square and another of the party’s lawmakers, Giorgos Germenis, attempted to attack Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis.

Germenis was stopped by Kaminis’s bodyguards, who also deterred the MP from drawing a firearm he was carrying.

In the Australian program, Panagiotaros was also filmed with a sidearm. He said it was to protect himself against threats from “anarchists and terrorists”.

On Tuesday, parliamentary speaker Evangelos Meimarakis informed parties that all MPs would have to pass through metal detectors to enter the House and would not be allowed to bring guns into Parliament.

In the SBS program, Panagiotaros also suggests that rather than commit suicide, they should “kill those responsible” for the crisis. When questioned who he is talking about, the Golden Dawn MP says: “bankers.”


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Malcom X Freedom Fest!

Celebrate the birthday and legacy of Malcom X.  Sunday May 19th 2-6 pm Brook Park, 141st st and Brook Ave, Bronx.  Free!

Featuring Rebel Diaz!


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sealteam6The families of US commandos killed in a 2011 downing of a helicopter in eastern Afghanistan have blamed Washington for the attack and the ensuing cover-up, a report says.

The White House is responsible for the shooting down and subsequent cover-up of the Navy Chinook helicopter carrying 38 people onboard including 17 members of SEAL Team Six in August 2011, the Washington Times quoted the parents of the deceased on May 9.

The family members said the US President Barack Obama’s administration and other White House officials “put a target on their backs” after they announced Osama bin Laden’s killers as SEAL Team Six.

Taliban militants also received leaked information from the US government regarding the landing site of the helicopter, which made the chopper vulnerable to attack, the families added.

“[The militants] were positioned in a tower in a building at the perfect place and the exact time to launch an attack on the CH-47 when it was most vulnerable,” said Doug Hamburger, father of Sergeant Patrick Hamburger who perished onboard the aging Chinook helicopter.

The fallen soldiers were flown to the landing site with a Vietnam-era Chinook helicopter rather than with their customary Special Forces choppers.

Family members also questioned the sudden replacement of seven Afghan commandos onboard the helicopter just before the takeoff.

Moreover, the Obama administration and US Central Command have come under heavy criticism for failing to conduct a thorough investigation into the attack, with family members calling on the government to account for the cover-up.

“It was not a thorough investigation. It’s a shame that we as parents have to demand a congressional investigation to find out answers,” Hamburger said.

The death toll marks the biggest single incident for foreign forces since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

The United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 under the pretext of combating terrorism. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity continues to rise across the country despite the presence of thousands of US-led soldiers.


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Palestinian protesters are attacked by Israeli occupation soldiers following a rally marking Nakba Day in Beit Omar village, north the West Bank city of Hebron, on May 15, 2013.

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File-sharing site The Pirate Bay says it has no plans to remove the blueprints for the ‘Liberator’ gun – which can be used to create a functional weapon using a 3D printer – despite the US State Department forcing the original host to take down the files.

Designed by radical US libertarian Cody Wilson, the Liberator is the world’s first fully 3D printed firearm. When it was unveiled on Wilson’s DEFCAD website earlier this week, it was immediately downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people, with millions more getting the design off file-sharing websites.

The US State Department then asked Wilson to take down his blueprints, citing a possible violation of arms export regulations pending review, which he has done.

But The Pirate Bay (TPB), the Swedish-founded torrent website, which is currently operating through a domain name registered on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten, does not plan to follow suit.

“TPB has for close to 10 years been operating without taking down one single torrent due to pressure from the outside. And it will never start doing that,” a senior insider told TorrentFreak news portal.

As well, as free speech, in justifying its decision TPB invoked a defense that echoed the National Rifle Association’s unofficial slogan (‘Guns don’t kill people. People kill people’).

“The problem is not the object but what you do with it. Just as with a cooking knife.”

Although Wilson has posted a video of himself successfully using the one-shot pistol that has garnered more than 3 million views on YouTube, it is not clear how practical or safe it would be to re-create the blueprints. Wilson used an $8,000 second-hand Stratasys Dimension SST printer, which makes three-dimensional objects by ‘printing’ a series of layers on top of each other with polymers.

Similarly to Wilson himself, Pirate Bay believes the blueprints are not to be taken at face value (“We laugh at their gun love since it’s so obviously the wrong way to go.”) but are a starting point for a public debate on personal freedoms and state authority.

“We think that the good thing about the discussion about 3D printers and their gun laws might bring more focus on the double standards that the US is having and hopefully – people will start printing signs to protest against the guns, the corruption and the threats against freedom of speech that the US is pushing on us,” said the Pirate Bay insider.

Regardless of the file-sharing portal’s stance, and edicts from the US State Department, it is almost impossible to remove files from the internet once they have been shared, as long as there is demand. At the time of writing, the blueprints remain a popular download on most file-sharing websites based across the world, and even if they were all shut down simultaneously, the files could easily be re-uploaded from the millions of hard disks on which they are already stored.


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