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Scores and bonuses for destroying CCTV cameras – that’s what you get if you play a new ‘reality-game’ in Germany. The ‘Camover’ movement is spreading across the country, despite the fact that there’s no real prize.


­To participate in Camover, players form a team and give it a name – the ‘brigade’ part seems to be a must – and then go around town destroying CCTV cameras. The process has to be taped and posted online. Each team gets point for the number of destroyed cameras, as well as for creativity of execution.


The players are clear about their goals: “Although we call it a game, we are quite serious about it: Our aim is to destroy as many cameras as possible and to have an influence on video surveillance in our cities,” the creator of Camover told the Guardian.

­The competition ends on February 19, when European Police Congress is to be held in Berlin. There is no real prize for the winner, except for being put in front lines of the protests planned for the days prior to the congress. Still, scores of ‘camoverians’ have already joined ‘the race’. Online Camover page keeps track of all the teams. It’s been quite a challenge, however, to keep track of the very game’s homepage, as it is continually being shut down.


All players are anonymous, and mostly dress in black and cover their faces. They move in quickly, and then immediately disappear. Police have so far been unable to catch any of the CCTV attackers.


“It’s not an organized group that is causing these crimes. They are some people from the left wing of the political corner. They call for competition in this city, to try and get others involved in destroying cameras,” Stefan Redlich of the Berlin police told RT. “I don’t think it’s Big Brother watching. We have strict laws in Germany. Only the ground you own can be protected with a camera. You are not allowed to point the camera at the public street.”


­Germany has strict personal image rights laws – global tech giant Google was forced to censor the faces of anyone whose picture was taken on their street view service, RT’s Peter Oliver reported.


The ‘Camover’ message has resonated not just in German society, but across the Western world. The number of CCTVs in public is increasing, especially the young, see it as a threat to their freedoms. The most-surveilled country in Europe is Britain, an example that not everyone in Germany wants to follow.


“The amount of CCTV is on the rise, it’s not as bad as in some countries for example the UK where millions of cameras have been installed, but it is certainly increasing,” Andreas Bogk from the Pirate Party of Germany told RT. “We do support the message [of Camover], but we are not supporters of violence, even it it’s violence against things, this violence we don’t support.”


Once a local trend, Camover has now gone global, with ‘brigades’ reporting successes from all over the world. The newest teams have been formed in US, one of which, the’Barefoot Bandit Brigade,’ claimed to have destroyed 17 CCTV cameras in a move of “concrete sabotage against the system of surveillance and control.”




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A successful Demonstration was held in Paris on the 3rd to rally Anti-Imperialist militants against the Globalist agenda.

The Green Star sends our regards to our friends from 3eme Voie and other activists who stood strong for Freedom and Justice!

Global Revolution Now!


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Anonymous_emblemThe hacktivist collective Anonymous said that it’s published a document dump that targets executives at financial services firms.

“Now we have your attention America: Anonymous’s Superbowl Commercial 4k banker d0x via the FED,” said a Sunday tweet from Operation Last Resort. A followup tweet from the same Twitter channel said, “Yes we posted over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials.”

Operation Last Resort is the name for an Anonymous campaign that seeks “reform of computer crime laws, and the overzealous prosecutors,” and which was launched after Internet activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide. Although Swartz had long battled depression, numerous people have come forward to criticize the Department of Justice’s handling of his case, including prosecutors’ apparent strong-arm tactics.

The Sunday dox – a.k.a. data dump — appears to contain about 4,600 records, including people’s names, email addresses, institutions, IP addresses and login IDs, as well as their salted and hashed password, including the salt that was used. The records stretch to nearly 700 pages, and per the Anonymous tweet, appear to have been obtained from the Federal Reserve System.

The “bankd0x” — as Anonymous has dubbed it — initially was published on Pastebin, as well as to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center website in an HTML file titled “oops-we-did-it-again.html.” After the Alabama state government removed the page, Anonymous reposted it on what appeared to be a Chinese government website.

Is the data legitimate? A small, random sample of the published information revealed names and email addresses that do appear to be real. Other people who investigated the data also suggested that it was legitimate. “OK, I called a few of them,” said one Reddit user. “What must be so problematic for the Federal Reserve is not the information so much as this file was stolen from their computers at all. The ramifications of that kind of loss of control is severe.”

more here.

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The 3eme Voie Movement is organizing a large demonstration in Paris on February 2nd for the people’s struggle  against imperialism.  Militant activists from France, Quebec, Russia, Serbia,  Switzerland, Syria, Belgium and more will be attending.

New Resistance calls on all comrades capable of attending to do their part.

More info here.

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kopimiLast year Sweden found itself with a new religion when the Church of Kopimism was officially recognized by authorities there. Now, just a year later, there has been another great achievement for the somewhat discordant Kopimism movement. In a list just published by the body responsible for the advancement and cultivation of the Swedish language, ‘kopimism’ has been officially accepted as a brand new word.

The word ‘kopimism’ is an extension of ‘kopimi’ or ‘copy me’ in English. In Swedish ‘pirate’ circles the somewhat unusual words have been in semi-regular use for at least seven years but didn’t gain widespread international attention until early 2012.

The breakthrough came after a group of self-confessed pirates went on a two-year mission to have their beliefs recognized as a formal religion in Sweden. Despite being rejected several times, the Church of Kopimism – which holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V as sacred symbols – refused to give up and in January 2012 was eventually recognized as an official religion.

Now, just a year later, the Kopimism movement – which is diverse, has no leaders and doesn’t start or end with the church – has received yet another boost.

The Swedish Language Council (Språkrådet), the body responsible for the advancement and cultivation of the Swedish language, publishes an annual list where it recognizes new words that have established themselves during the previous year.

And there, pride of place in the shortlist, is the word “kopimism”, described by the Language Council as a “political and religious ideology centered around freedom of information.”

But while that might sound like a decent description, not everyone agrees.

Rasmus Fleischer is one of the founders of Piratbyrån, the group that founded The Pirate Bay and created the term kopimism. He suggests that given the chance he might have chosen another definition.

“To me, kopimi is not about information, neither about freedom. It is about copying!” he told TorrentFreak.

“It is simply an imperative: ‘copy me’. It is also a symbol: a pyramid with a K. If you say ‘kopimi’ or show off the kopimi pyramid, you are stating that you want to be copied. That’s something completely different from a license. You are not saying that you are allowing others to do this or that – you urge them to copy,” Fleischer explains.

“As an attitude or even philosophy, kopimi became pivotal for the work of Piratbyrån.
Kopimi was never restricted to information. Actually, the origin of the word comes from a two-year old kid who was dancing and wanted his parent to copy the dance. I think that it may be more enlightening to understand kopimi through dance than through file-sharing.”

PiratThe Council says that the words on the list all say something about the present and linguistic trends and includes words that show linguistic creativity and innovation.

“Anyone using the Swedish language is creating and bringing new words to the language. And we’re all deciding which words are established in the language by choosing the words we use,” says Per-Anders Jande, a manager at the Language Council.

Gustav Nipe, chairman of the Missionary Church of Kopimism, says that the church are thrilled by the placement of kopimism on the list and believe that the recognition of the religion had an effect on the Language Council’s decision.

“We are very happy about it,” Nipe told TorrentFreak. “Kopimism as a belief is getting stronger and stronger respect here in Sweden.”

Interestingly, particularly for a word like Kopimism that was created offline but now has most of its following in the digital domain, the Swedish Language Council says that these days we often have to differentiate which world we are speaking about in conversation.

“We must now often specifically highlight that we’re talking about non-digital consumption – say a physical store, a physical journey, a physical disk and so on,” they explain.

And in another sign that the boundaries of these physical and digital domains can be crossed and interconnected, Gustav Nipe leaves us with this teaser.

“We are right in the middle of expanding the Missionary Church of Kopimism into the physical world. But more than that will I not say right now,” Nipe explains.

After speaking with Rasmus Fleischer it becomes clear that kopimi is an unusual concept. It has no-one leading the way and its development is in the hands of the next person who choses to copy it. According to Fleischer the description given by the Language Council is already unsatisfactory given the roots of the word, so it will presumably become even more outdated as new ideas and future copying acts further change the direction of kopimism.

“Every copy is a transformation, which also means that every use of kopimi is transforming the concept – not always for the better,” Fleischer explains.

“But kopimi has always been a quite discordian concept. I totally affirm the existence of complementary and even rivaling variants of kopimi.”


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Support the Revolutionary Counter-Culture!

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The people of Libya struggle to regain what they have lost

In October 2011 the leader of the green revolution in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi, was brutally murdered by mercenary thugs backed by the West, after an eight-month Nato bombing campaign that devastated the country. A year on, that ‘victory’ for imperialism is looking increasingly hollow, with the puppets in Tripoli barely able to hold a government together for a week at a time or exercise any authority in the country, and the puppet army increasingly sidelined by rival warring militia.

Meanwhile, the green resistance, supposedly defunct, is making itself felt in ways that the media strive to ignore but Washington dares not.

The bitter truth for imperialism is that memories of Libya’s four decades of economic and social progress remain evergreen in the minds of millions of her citizens, despite all the lies pumped out about ‘Gaddafi the monster’. This means that the resistance fighters have been able to regroup and build up their attacks, strong in the knowledge of the widespread popular sympathy for their actions.

The inconvenient truth for the West is that the resistance, for which the last rites were read a full year ago, never really went away, and is now back with a vengeance.

Bani Walid: hero city of the green revolution

Symptomatic of the enduring loyalty and patriotism of most Libyans has been the refusal of the citizens of the northern city of Bani Walid to bow the head before the quisling government in Tripoli, instead preserving their town as a bastion of sanity whilst much of the country is torn apart by imperialist subversion and tribal conflicts. When the country’s legitimate leadership was brutally ousted by Nato, the citizens formed a Council of Elders to conduct the city’s affairs.

Desperate to reassert their own waning political authority, the puppets decided to make an example of the unacceptably loyal citizens of Bani Walid. The pretext for what was clearly intended as punitive expedition by the puppet army against its own citizens (the very act of which Colonel Gaddafi was so falsely accused) was the demise of one Omran Shaaban, the traitor ‘credited’ with having apprehended Colonel Gaddafi, delivering him at once into the hands of his psychopathic murderers.

Shaaban met his own richly-deserved end in disputed circumstances, after suffering injury when refusing to stop at a city checkpoint in Bani Walid. Even though this imperialist hireling fittingly expired in a Parisian hospital bed, his ‘martyrdom’ was deemed a sufficient pretext for the puppets to issue a decree, Resolution 7, giving the puppet army exceptional powers to use all and any means necessary to take full control of the city.

Even within the puppet General National Council (GNC) itself, voices were raised to protest that such a decree provides carte blanche for genocide. In vain did Bani Walid’s Council of Elders protest that the decree was illegitimate and unconstitutional. Indeed, one of the council’s own members was subsequently kidnapped by rats and taken off to their hole in Misrata to face an uncertain fate.

For weeks the puppet army, flanked and frequently outpaced by the ‘unofficial’ militias which led the assault on Bani Walid, combined indiscriminate shelling of civilians with kidnapping, assassination and massacre, terrorising the population and blocking supplies of food, medicine and other essentials. Doctors complained that militias were stopping vehicles carrying medical supplies, personnel and oxygen from getting through.

Yet despite weeks of heavy pounding by mortars, supplemented by gas bombs and white phosphorous, many of the inhabitants of Bani Walid refused to abandon their homes. One eye witness told Russia Today that “Many armed groups came to the main entrance of Bani Walid and they asked the people to get out of the city. We have decided not to go because we want to defend our rights, our homes, and our families.” (7 October 2012)

Those who could endure no more and were obliged to flee then found their return blocked by armed gangs. Many families found themselves stranded on desert roads with no nourishment or protection. Yet Bani Walid still fights on.

Uncle Sam cuts out the middle man

Having failed to fashion itself a puppet government and army capable of implementing the imperialist agenda, imperialism is putting increasing reliance on going direct to the militias to do their dirty work. And it is notable that one of the militia bands most prominent in the counter-revolutionary violence, Libya Shield, has been publicly courted by the White House since it helped rescue the surviving members of the US mission when it came under attack in Benghazi.

The Independent reported that a CIA-led embassy delegation “travelled to Benghazi to meet and recruit fighters directly from the Libyan Shield, a powerful umbrella organisation of militiasGiven complaints from the acting defence minister in the puppet government that “his ministry had no control over Libyan Shield forces from Misrata that had seized Bani Walid, a former Gaddafi loyalist town, and were blocking displaced residents from returning”, it is clear that Washington has only contempt for the government and its ‘official’ army, hoping instead to combat the resistance forces with hired guns. (11 November 2012)

It is equally clear that, for all the pious talk about overcoming tribal divisions and taking the gun out of politics, the US is doing all it can to play on those divisions, hoping thereby to suppress the patriotic resistance forces. When Russia tried to get a draft statement through the UN calling for a peaceful end to the Bani Walid siege, the US blocked the move.

Washington is deluded in its hope that hired militia guns will do any better than the ‘official’ government puppets when it comes to burying the resistance. Despite the near-total blackout on the massive war crimes being committed daily in Bani Walid, and the umpteenth triumphal announcement of the death of Colonel Gaddafi’s son Khamis (again) and capture of his information minister (again), there is no hiding the confusion and panic now besetting imperialism as yet another ‘easy’ warmongering adventure goes so badly wrong.

If it can’t beat Libya’s tiny population into subservience, the Pentagon must be anguishing, how the hell can it prevail against Syria and Iran?

Resistance on the rise

Over the summer, the number of attacks which may reasonably be attributed to the resistance forces kept multiplying despite the severest repression, giving the lie to media accounts which present all the violence as simply tribal squabbling (with the colonial overlord just there to help ‘keep the peace’).

On 10 August, eight resistance fighters were sprung from the Al Fornaj prison in Tripoli after a coordinated attack, the third such attack since Gaddafi’s overthrow. On 18 August, the resistance detonated a car bomb outside a hotel in Tripoli, targeting a vehicle being used by Benghazi security personnel. On 19 August, there were more car bombs in Tripoli, targeting the interior ministry and an interrogation centre.

On 23 August, in a development reminiscent of the escalating ‘green on blue’ violence which is currently warming the tails of the imperialist soldiery in Afghanistan, Abdelmenom Al Hur, spokesman for the Supreme Security Committee told journalists that the resistance had infiltrated many official security units and secured a whole barracks full of heavy armaments.

In September, the airport in Benghazi, which the US had been using as a drone base, had to close after the resistance kept shooting at the drones.

One website reported some more recent activities, including a near-miss assassination attempt against the military leader of the so-called ‘Transitional Council of Cyrenaica’, Hamid al-Hassi, an escape attempt from Koufiya prison in Benghazi and an RPG attack on the Supreme Security Committee in Tripoli. (libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com, 8 November 2012)

Most damaging of all to imperialist prestige so far has been the attack on the US mission in Benghazi on 11 September, taking the lives of ambassador Stevens and three other colonial overlords.

At first, the Obama line was that the attack was a spontaneous protest sparked by the dissemination of the crassly islamophobic film Innocence of Muslims – a protest that got out of hand! However, the line then switched: it had been a terrorist attack put together by al Qaeda. This seemed, if anything, still lesscredible, given the sterling service that group so recently rendered to US imperialism by mobilising the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group against Gaddafi. Similar objections can be raised against the candidacy of the salafists, no less fervent opponents of the green revolution.

The simplest explanation might turn out to also be the truest: that the attack was carried out by the resistance itself. It certainly sounds like a professional job. An eye witness wounded in the attack reported that about 125 men moved in with machine guns, RPGs, anti-aircraft weapons and grenades, moving systematically through the complex.

And whilst Obama struggled to get his story straight for the rest of the world, the hapless puppets told a plainer tale. Libya’s ‘president’ el-Megariaf, Libya’s ambassadors to the UN and Washington, and the then ‘prime minister’ Abdurrahim El Keib, all began by blaming Gaddafi loyalists for the attack, only subsequently scrambling to tuck in behind the Nato line.

Whether the resistance can add this to their heroic record of anti-imperialist achievements or whether it turns out to be another spectacular own-goal, the end result is the same: a slap in the face for US imperialism, leaving it confused, humiliated and increasingly divided in its counsels.

The same is true for many other anti-puppet actions, which it is not possible at this stage to ascribe with certainty to the resistance. If imperialism’s own puppets fall prey to the chaotic tribal divisions which their masters have themselves sown, then so be it. The imperialists yet again lift a rock to crush their enemies, only to drop it on their own feet.

Thieves fall out

When, on 26 October, General Petraeus’s girlfriend chose to regale the public with gems from her pillow talk with the now disgraced head of the CIA, she kicked a hornets’ nest, revealing sharp conflicts within imperialist ruling circles.

“Now, I don’t know if a lot of you have heard this but the CIA annex had actually taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner, and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try get these prisoners back, so that’s still being vetted … The facts that came out today is that the ground forces there at the CIA annex, which is different from the consulate, were requesting reinforcements. They were requesting the – it’s called the CINC’s (Commander-in-Chief’s) In Extremis Force – a group of Delta Force operators, our very, most talented guys we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the consulate and the CIA annex that were under attack …

“It is a tragedy that we lost an ambassador and two other government officials, and there was a failure in the system because there was additional security requested … It’s frustrating to see the sort of political aspect of what’s going on with this whole investigation … the challenge has been the fog of war, and the greater challenge is that it’s political hunting season, and so this whole thing has been politicised.”

Standing by her man in a declaration that her man might have preferred to have remained unsaid, Paula Broadwell babbled that the “challenging thing” for Petraeus was having to keep quiet about what was really going on: “So he’s known all of this – they had correspondence with the CIA station chief in Libya, within 24 hours they kind of knew what was happening.”

Yes, it must be hell having to run the CIA and tell ever-taller tales on behalf of a system of global exploitation and domination that is going so spectacularly wrong. Ms Broadwell’s guileless exposure of the warm fraternal relations in place between the Oval office, the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom affords us a welcome glimpse of the stresses and strains obtaining within ruling circles as crisis-stricken imperialism wades deeper into yet another swamp of its own making. May it sink without trace.

Victory to the green resistance!
Death to the rats! 
Death to the king rat: imperialism!


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