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A French political activist and comedy actor, who has been under pressure from the government for “racist and anti-Semitic remarks,” has told Press TV about the extent of Zionism within the French establishment.

“…Zionism takes up a considerable amount of space in the French establishment…,” Dieudonné M’bala M’bala said at the Golden Hand Theatre, where he runs his highly popular shows.

In recent weeks, Dieudo, as the actor is often called in France, has been accused of preaching the Quenelle, a gesture considered anti-Zionist in France.

M’bala M’bala is credited with creating and popularizing the gesture, done by pointing one arm diagonally downwards palm down, while touching the shoulder with the opposite hand.

Following the accusations, the French government banned his show. Now he is back to running his comedy show tours.

M’bala M’bala said, “A kind of a storm hit my family and my professional circles. All this because of one man, Manuel Valls, the interior minister. For how long, I can’t say. But I hope for the shortest possible time. He attacked me and the freedom of speech and expression in this country in general. Therefore, it feels very strange to face the entire government.”

“The Quenelle gesture, it was a humorous gesture, a gesture of emancipation. This gesture is anti-establishment, against this political system, against this Zionist system, because Zionism takes up a considerable amount of space in the French establishment. This is a slave’s gesture who looks at himself and who dreams of emancipation,” he said.

M’bala M’bala said, “There was a lot of muscle flexing by the Zionist Movement over the Dieudonné Affair, which was named after me. The decisions of the Council of State to ban a comedy show in France are the first ever, not just in France but in the whole of Europe. By flexing its muscles, the Zionist Lobby wanted to discourage everyone who would want to attack Israel’s politics in a show or in a song. All criticism of Israel is associated with anti-Semitism.”

“I am not anti-Semitic and I have been repeating and I am tired of repeating. Anti-Semitism would be the extreme hatred of Jews. Are all Jews Zionists? I know many Jews who are not Zionists. Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism are two terms that Zionists consider the same, but I don’t,” he also noted.

from PressTV

read more about Dieudonné on Open Revolt.


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“I solemnly request the President to convene in January 2014…  a referendum on France leaving the European Union.”

—  Marine Le Pen

President of the Front National, the third-largest political party in France

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The 3eme Voie Movement is organizing a large demonstration in Paris on February 2nd for the people’s struggle  against imperialism.  Militant activists from France, Quebec, Russia, Serbia,  Switzerland, Syria, Belgium and more will be attending.

New Resistance calls on all comrades capable of attending to do their part.

More info here.

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geoges-ibrahim-abdallahAround 100 demonstrators called for the release of a former Lebanese communist fighter from French jail outside the US embassy in Awkar Friday.

They were protesting an appeal by French prosecutors last month of a Paris court’s decision to grant parole to Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

“We demand that the Lebanese government propose a resolution against the French government at the (UN) Human Rights Council denouncing the arbitrary detention of Abdallah,” Hassan Sabra, head of the Union for Lebanese Democratic Youth (ULDY), said in a speech outside the embassy.

The demonstration was co-organized by ULDY, a communist activist group, and the International Campaign for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

Abdallah has been in French prison for 28 years over involvement in the 1982 killings of a US military officer and an Israeli diplomat. He was handed a life sentence in 1987, but has been eligible for parole since 1999.

He was last granted parole in 2003, but the decision was overturned in a similar appeal.

The United States issued a statement condemning the November 21 decision to grant Abdallah parole, and for years has put pressure on France to prevent his release.

Abdallah’s brother, Joseph, said he and others have recently scheduled a meeting with Adnan Mansour, Lebanon’s foreign minister, to discuss the issue.

Hezbollah Minister Mohammed Fneish on Thursday urged the Lebanese Cabinet during a meeting with the president, prime minister and speaker of parliament to pressure France to reject the appeal, media reported.

Lebanon’s President Michel Sleiman had reportedly raised the issue during a visit by French President Francois Hollande in Beirut last month.

A verdict on the appeal is due for 10 January 2013. If the appeal fails to renew Abdullah’s detention, he is expected to be deported from France within three days.


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for more information contact: http://www.egaliteetreconciliation.fr

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Céline republished in Quebec

Céline was a complicated figure; described himself as a “national communist”… 

A small Quebec publisher’s imminent publication of the collected pamphlets of French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline, whose virulently antisemitic works are banned in France, is causing a stir in that country.

Les Editions Huit, based in Quebec City, plans to release Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Ecrits polemiques this month. The 1,040-page compilation includes some 300 pages of criticism by Régis Tettamanzi, a professor at the Université de Nantes in France, who wrote his doctoral thesis on Céline’s pamphlets […]

Last year, the French government refused to include Céline among the 500 Icons of French Culture because of his antisemitic writings […]

There is a Quebec connection to Céline. Jean-François Nadeau recalled in his 2010 book Adrien Arcand, führer canadien that the author met with the fascist leader in Montreal in 1938 and attended one of the party’s meetings.


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Celine’s widow celebrates 100 years


Lucette Destouches, the widow of Louis-Ferdinand Céline- the author of Journey to the End of the Night and Death on the Installment Plan- celebrated her centenary this July 20, in the Meudon house where he died 1st July 1961.

Remaining loyal to the memory of her late husband, the former dance teacher, has seen a lot of people go through this house.

“Since the death of Louis, life no longer interests me. It’s like with him I swam in a river pure and clear and I found myself without him in dirty, muddy water,” she says in Secret Celine (Grasset, 2001).

Seventy years after Liberation, the great love of Louis-Ferdinand Celine continues to forbid the reprinting of his anti-Semitic pamphlets, according to his wishes.

Translated from several news sources

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