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MONTREAL – Several major retailers are taking the Quebec government to court over the provincial language watchdog’s insistence they modify their commercial brand names to include some French. The retailers include some of the biggest brand names in North America — Walmart, Best Buy and Costco. Their lawyers are expected in Quebec Superior Court on Thursday.

Quebec’s language watchdog, The Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise, wants the retailers to change their signs to either give themselves a generic French name or add a slogan or explanation that reflects what it is they’re selling. The changes are outlined on a website run by the language agency that gives businesses options on how to change their names. For example, Walmart, a household name on the retail scene that doesn’t really have a French equivalent, could change its signs to “Le Magasin Walmart.” […]

The six companies taking legal action include Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, Gap, Old Navy and Guess. They are represented by two law firms. […] Martin Bergeron, a spokesman for Quebec’s language watchdog, would not comment on the matter as it is before the courts.
But in a video on the website Louise Marchand, who heads the OQLF, called the situation worrisome. “Displaying the name of the company in French is a show of respect for the law,” Marchand says.

Provincial politicians have been largely in favour of the watchdog’s move and French-language activists have called for the larger companies to comply. The Societe St-Jean Baptiste has even called on the six multinationals to be boycotted by consumers. […] Some companies have voluntarily changed their signs. After a series of fire-bombings, Second Cup coffee shops added the words “les cafes” to their signs. Starbucks in Quebec is known as Cafe Starbucks Coffee. And KFC is “PFK” in Quebec.



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Quebec Students Win Fight!


It’s official: Quebec tuition hikes are history. The new government repealed the fee hike, by decree, in its first cabinet meeting less than 24 hours after coming to power.  Student leaders cheered the news.

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Céline republished in Quebec

Céline was a complicated figure; described himself as a “national communist”… 

A small Quebec publisher’s imminent publication of the collected pamphlets of French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline, whose virulently antisemitic works are banned in France, is causing a stir in that country.

Les Editions Huit, based in Quebec City, plans to release Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Ecrits polemiques this month. The 1,040-page compilation includes some 300 pages of criticism by Régis Tettamanzi, a professor at the Université de Nantes in France, who wrote his doctoral thesis on Céline’s pamphlets […]

Last year, the French government refused to include Céline among the 500 Icons of French Culture because of his antisemitic writings […]

There is a Quebec connection to Céline. Jean-François Nadeau recalled in his 2010 book Adrien Arcand, führer canadien that the author met with the fascist leader in Montreal in 1938 and attended one of the party’s meetings.


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Would Howard Stern or Sacha Baron Cohen get the same treatment from B’nai Brith? We somehow doubt it…

A high-profile Jewish advocacy group is applauding a recent decision by concert promoter Evenko to cancel four Montreal shows by controversial comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala.

B’nai Brith Canada says pulling the plug on Dieudonné, who has had his shows banned in France and Belgium and has been found guilty of inciting hatred, sends a clear message that anti-Semitism in any form is not welcome in Quebec.

“We are happy that Evenko and Corona Theatre management have decided to remove the public platform from this individual who spreads racism under the guise of humour, and to recognize that such conduct is unacceptable in Quebec,” Moïse Moghrabi, president of the League for Human Rights for B’nai Brith in Quebec, said in a statement.


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In Europe, the humour of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has come to be seen as so toxic that public venues regularly shun him. On Tuesday, pressure from local authorities forced the French comic to scrap a show in Brussels. A performance in March is under investigation by Belgian police as possible anti-Semitic hate speech. Last year, the mayor of Angers in France blocked Dieudonné, as he is known, from using an auditorium there, forcing him to perform outdoors on the city outskirts.

But in Montreal, the city’s largest concert promoter has rented a prime downtown theatre to Dieudonné for four performances next week of the same show under investigation in Belgium. And tickets are going fast. ‘It is well-known that Dieudonné’s trademark is not humour but hatred toward Jews’

In a letter last month to the promoter Evenko, which is part of the Montreal Canadiens operation, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, questioned why the company was providing Dieudonné wih a stage at the Corona Theatre.

“It is well-known that Dieudonné’s trademark is not humour but hatred toward Jews,” Luciano Del Negro, the organization’s vice-president (Quebec) wrote. “That is why the French courts have on several occasions found him guilty of inciting hatred.” Mr. Del Negro said established promoters now steer clear of Dieudonné to such an extent that “he is reduced to playing in his own theatre or in obscure performance halls.”


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In Canada, at least 150 people have been arrested and several others injured in the city of Montreal after weeks of massive student protests against tuition hikes.

The Thursday arrests came as police in riot gear fired tear gas at students participating in an annual protest against police brutality.

Police estimate that some 2,000 protesters rallied in the city, also voicing their anger over high tuition fees.

Witnesses say in one intersection police fired two loud stun grenades. Police also confirmed the use of chemical irritants such as pepper spray and tear gas.

One man was reportedly hit in the forehead with a tear gas canister.

The rally came after weeks of massive student protests in Montreal against tuition hikes.

Last year, Jean Charest, the prime minister of the province of Quebec, announced that he would raise tuition fees, starting in January 2012 by $325 per annum. The figure would amount to a $1,625 hike for the next five years.

Students currently pay around $2,200 annually.

In April 2011, another protest in Montreal turned violent and ended with police using stun grenades and pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

from PressTV


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“If we are nationalists, if we are socialists, then we are evidently bound to be anti-liberal. The living symbol of liberalism is the right, we can’t be further to the right than the far right we are fighting” — Serge Ayoub, 3emeVoie

New Resistance and the Green Star are proud to stand in Solidarity with  our Revolutionary Comrades of 3EMEVOIE.  Please show support for their Quebec initiative!

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