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fidel3Compañero Fidel’s letter to leaders of delegations visiting Cuba on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons

A few days ago, as I observed, from the middle seat of a 4-wheel drive vehicle, what had been an old genetic center for milk production, I was able to read a brief, synopsis of just one paragraph from a speech I made on May Day in 2000, already 13 years ago now.

Time will erase those words written in black letters, on a white-washed wall.

“Revolution […] is struggling with audacity, intelligence and realism; it is never lying or violating ethical principles; it is a profound conviction that there is no power in the world that can crush the power of truth and ideas. Revolution is unity; it is independence, it is struggling for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the world, which is the foundation of our patriotism, our socialism and our internationalism.” …

Unfortunately, no one can insure that there will be a number 70, an 80, a 90 or a 100th anniversary of the Moncada. During the Río de Janeiro international conference on the environment[1992], I said that a species was in danger of extinction: the human race. But then I thought it was a question of centuries. I am not as optimistic now. In any event, nothing worries me; life will continue to exist in the boundless dimensions of space and time. …

One Latin American and world leader to whom I wish to render a special tribute, given what he did for our people and others of the Caribbean and the world, is Hugo Chávez Frías. He would be among us today if he had not fallen during his valiant struggle for life. He, like us, did not struggle to live, but lived to struggle.

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The Fourth Political Theory struggles for the cause of peoples but it is made not for the peoples. It is a call for intellectual elite of every human society rejecting the hegemony in all senses (philosophical, social, political, IR). This time the people can not help us. This time we must help people. Against us is nothing more than alternative intellectual elite, but hegemonic one. All its material power is but illusion, the phantasm: the text, the discourse, the words that is what really counts. Its force lays in the thought. And on the level of the thought we have to fight and finally win. The mass, all that is massive is nothing, pure privation. Only the thought really is, really exists. But the thought is polar. Our thought against their. The peoples are dreaming Titans. Their huge power is nothing compared with light flight of the lonely gods. They always loose acting for themselves, the Titans. It is easy to manipulate the great masses, much easier than to persuade the few. The quantity is enemy of quality. The more the worse. Capitalist elite thinks differently. That error will be fatal. For them. And we are going to prove it.

—  Alexander Dugin

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“What good is life if death haunts us from every side? We’ll go forward and avenge ourselves before we die.”

—martyr Ayat al-Akhras, militant of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), died on March 29, 2002

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“I solemnly request the President to convene in January 2014…  a referendum on France leaving the European Union.”

—  Marine Le Pen

President of the Front National, the third-largest political party in France

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Politically, we have here an interesting basis for the conscious co-operation of the radical Left-wingers and the New Right, as well as with religious and other anti-modern movements, such as the ecologists and Green theorists, for example. The only thing that we insist on in creating such a pact of cooperation is to put aside anti-Communist, as well as anti-fascist, prejudice. These prejudices are the instruments in the hands of liberals and globalists with which they keep their enemies divided. So we should strongly reject anti-Communism as well as anti-fascism. Both of them are counter-revolutionary tools in the hands of the global liberal elite. At the same time, we should strongly oppose any kind of confrontation between the various religious beliefs – Muslims against Christians, the Jews against Muslims, the Muslims against Hindus and so on. The inter-confessional wars and tensions work for the cause of the Kingdom of the Antichrist who tries to divide all the traditional religions in order to impose its own pseudo-religion, the eschatological parody.

So we need to united the Right, the Left and the world’s traditional religions in a common struggle against the common enemy. Social Justice, national sovereignty and traditional values are the three main principles of the Fourth Political Theory. It is not easy to put together such a varied alliance. But we must try if we want to overcome the foe.


—  Alexander Dugin

from the Fourth Political Theory

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The Chavistas, we know what we are going to do in any circumstance that happens in this country. … We will not betray the people. We will not betray the workers. … To the contrary, every day there will be more revolution

—  Venezuelan National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello

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