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By Peter Simonenko 

The Communist Party of Ukraine expresses its condolences for the tragic loss of life during the armed clashes provoked by neo-fascists extremists on Hrushevskoho street in Kiev.

Responsibility for these deaths, for the bloodshed and violence rests in equal measure on those in power, which has brought the country to the brink, and on the leaders of the so-called opposition, the ultra-nationalist militant organizations and foreign politicians, who urge people to “radicalize the protests” and “fight to the bitter end.”

We demand that the government and leaders of the Maidan immediately remove from the streets of Kiev, Svoboda militants from across the country and other criminal elements, to stop the use of force, to ensure non-interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine by foreign powers and their representatives.

Any attempts to create parallel structures of power such as “People’s Parliament”, “interim president” and the like will only strengthen the opposition and create a real threat of escalating the conflict into Civil War. One part of the population will support the current government, and the other, the self-proclaimed opposition, which will inevitably lead to a final split of Ukraine.

The Communist Party is ready to present concrete proposals to resolve the situation.

We believe it is necessary:

1. Declare a referendum on the definition of Ukraine’s integration into foreign economic bodies.

2. To carry out political reform, eliminate the institution of the president and install a parliamentary republic, significantly expand the rights of territorial communities.

3. Adopt a new electoral law and return to a proportional system of elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine.

4. In order to overcome the administrative chaos and ensure strict control over the government and politicians, to establish an independent civilian body of  ”national control” by giving it the broadest powers.

5. Adopt judicial reform and institute elections of judges.

The Communist Party warned from the very beginning: the rejection of democratic mechanisms for solving social contradictions — the ban on a Ukrainian referendum, organized jointly by the government and the so-called opposition — could be catastrophic.

It is not too late, there can still be a peaceful solution to the political crisis. We the urge the people to condemn extremism, not to succumb to provocations, and demand constructive talks with the President, the leaders of political parties and public organizations.

The Communist Party of Ukraine declares that there is no other way to stop the escalation of violence and destruction of the country!



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