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Rejoice: Thatcher is Dead!



A picture, in this case, is worth a thousand words!


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manningThe source behind WikiLeaks’ massive expose of U.S. foreign policy has been in jail for close to three years.

40 cities around the world are set to mark the 1,000th day of WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning’s imprisonment. Manning’s whistleblowing acts will be honored and his imprisonment without a speedy trial denounced this weekend in places ranging from Denver to Rome to Sydney.

Manning is alleged to have been the source behind massive amounts of information WikiLeaks exposed, including the State Department cables that exposed nefarious dealings in U.S. foreign policy as well as the “Collateral Murder” video that showed U.S. Army helicopters firing and killing Iraqi civilians.

The rallies around the world are being organized by the Bradley Manning Support Network. “Supporters are gathering in cities across the U.S., Europe and Australia for marches, rallies, art installations, concerts, live theater, and other events to criticize the unjust prosecution and raise awareness about Manning’s case,” the network states.

Manning’s court martial trial is set for June of this year–three years after his initial arrest. His imprisonment by the military was marked by punitive abuse that included isolation and his clothes being removed from him. A UN rapporteur called Manning’s conditions “cruel, inhuman and degrading,” and earlier this year a judge confirmed that Manning’s conditions were excessively harsh and constituted pretrial punishment, which is prohibited under military law.


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Israel’s former military intelligence chief has called for the Zionist regime’s stronger ties with al-Qaeda-linked militants in Syria to face Iran.

Major General Amos Yadlin, quoted by Jerusalem Post newspaper, said Israel should strengthen its relationship with emerging Sunni forces in Syria to confront “the big enemy, which is Iran.”

Yadlin, who was speaking at the unveiling of the strategic assessment for 2012-2013 of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), noted that Syria is an influential “component of the Iranian-led regional axis.”

He stated that the ongoing destructive violence in Syria has brought about strategic benefit for Israel.

Eric Draister, the founder of stopimperialism.com, told Press TV in an interview on Monday that Israel and al-Qaeda are two sides of the same coin in creating instability and provoking violence in Syria.

“Israel and al-Qaeda are two sides of the US dominated imperial system which has waged war on the independent nation of Syria attempting to destroy that country,” he said.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of Army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

The Syrian government has said that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and that a very large number of the militants operating in the country are foreign nationals.


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A successful Demonstration was held in Paris on the 3rd to rally Anti-Imperialist militants against the Globalist agenda.

The Green Star sends our regards to our friends from 3eme Voie and other activists who stood strong for Freedom and Justice!

Global Revolution Now!


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First edition of Global Revolutionary Alliance News in Arabic

Global Revolutionary Alliance In Arabic By Rami Amer Dabbas (Representive Of International Eurasian Movement In Jordan and the leader of eurasian union of youth in jordan )

التحالف الثوري العالمي باللغة العربية يقدمه ممثل الحركة الاوراسية و قائد الشبيبة الاوراسية في الاردن
رامي عامر الدباس ..

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Politically, we have here an interesting basis for the conscious co-operation of the radical Left-wingers and the New Right, as well as with religious and other anti-modern movements, such as the ecologists and Green theorists, for example. The only thing that we insist on in creating such a pact of cooperation is to put aside anti-Communist, as well as anti-fascist, prejudice. These prejudices are the instruments in the hands of liberals and globalists with which they keep their enemies divided. So we should strongly reject anti-Communism as well as anti-fascism. Both of them are counter-revolutionary tools in the hands of the global liberal elite. At the same time, we should strongly oppose any kind of confrontation between the various religious beliefs – Muslims against Christians, the Jews against Muslims, the Muslims against Hindus and so on. The inter-confessional wars and tensions work for the cause of the Kingdom of the Antichrist who tries to divide all the traditional religions in order to impose its own pseudo-religion, the eschatological parody.

So we need to united the Right, the Left and the world’s traditional religions in a common struggle against the common enemy. Social Justice, national sovereignty and traditional values are the three main principles of the Fourth Political Theory. It is not easy to put together such a varied alliance. But we must try if we want to overcome the foe.


—  Alexander Dugin

from the Fourth Political Theory

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Our opposition to the globalist wave and unipolar project can be effective only with the consolidation of strategic allies in a single political and social ideological front. Global Revolutionary Alliance – is this international network, that openly challenges our ideological opponents: the supporters of liberal-globalism and American hegemony. The alliance was founded in 2011. Creation of the multipolar world is for the GRA no more, no less than our geopolitical task.

Our political intent can be expressed in the following thesis: the liberal-globalist discourse must cease to be dominant.


The Green Star and New Resistance are proud members of the GRA.

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